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Photos of Central Oregon from an ultralight aircraft

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All images Copyright© 2006 by Q. Meyer.
All Rights Reserved.


These stunning images were sent to us by email . . .
These stunning images have been circulated by email among friends and colleagues in Central Oregon and beyond. I am hopeful that the photographer will let me know his name and more . . .   If you can help us, email or use our Comments page.  --Webmeister Speik

Sunday, July 23, 2006
If you don't know already, I believe most of these pictures were taken by Q. Meyer of Bend. We fly ultralight Powered Parachute's together.

Monday, July 10, 2006
Most if not all of these photos were taken by Q. Myers of Bend, Oregon from his powered parachute.  He has hundreds more!!!

Thanks guys! Now here is some information about Powered Parachutes from Q.:

You asked for a brief description of what we fly and how it works, so here it is.

The machines are called Powered ParaChutes or PPCs for short. The machine consists of a 3 wheeled cart with one or two seats, a 45 to 65 hp engine turning a pusher prop, and a 400 to 500 sq. ft rectangular ram air parachute used as a wing. The PPC can be kept in a standard garage and hauled around on a small trailer.

Launching the machine involves laying the chute out behind the cart, starting the engine, and accelerating slowly until the chute pops up and centers overhead. Open the throttle farther and the machine lifts off at about 30 mph in about 200’. Once in the air the speed is a constant 30 mph. Add more throttle to go up, less to go down. Push the right foot pedal to go right, the left to go left. That’s about it. There’s no worry about stall. You don’t have to keep an eye on airspeed as you would in a fixed wing aircraft. The pendulum effect of the cart hanging below the wing is inherently stable. If the engine should quit you simply glide down while still being able to steer, then land.

The PPC is a great platform for aerial photography because of the wide-open view and the fact that it will fly indefinitely with no input from the pilot. Your hands are free for operating the camera. Vibration is minimal and the speed is slow. You can safely fly at 10’ or 10,000’.

There are now about 20 PPC pilots/owners here in Central Oregon. We fly from local airports, farmer’s fields, dry lakebeds, forest service and BLM roads. Flying a PPC is an early morning activity, preferably beginning at sunrise because that’s when one finds the smooth, calm air.

Central Oregon with its amazing scenery, calm winds, and clear skies may be the world’s best place to fly a PPC.




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Photos of Central Oregon from an ultralight aircraft
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