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Hot air balloons over Bend, Oregon
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Friday to Sunday, June 10 to 12, 2005, 6:30 AM, Balloons over Bend
This free event features a pancake breakfast, a hot air balloon race, and Airport Aviation Festival and great photo ops! I have missed it for three years! www.BalloonsOverBend.comMore soon

Note: OK, you noticed - no balloons! Well I got there at 8AM. No balloons! Lots of cars in the parking lot? As I started to leave, the chase cars and crews stated to return. I noticed a lot of photographers and folks hanging around. Then the first crews unpacked the champagne and cheese. Now I had been banking on the breakfast, so I hung around and hung around. I guess the balloon folks are used to folks hangin' around and they do not offer the audience champagne and cheese. I did meet some photographers who promised to send me actual balloon pictures, so we shall see---  --Webmeister Speik


OK, here are the balloons . . .!

These photos of and from, the actual Balloons over Bend are courtesy of our friend Mike Schmidt, President and CEO of the Bend Chamber of Commerce.




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Hot air balloons over Bend, Oregon
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