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Smith Rock State Park sport climbing Spring Thing in 2006

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Tony Holmes, Access Fund Regional Coordinator Oregon

About 200 volunteers showed up on May 6th for Smith Rock State Park's 14th annual Spring Thing organized by the Smith Rock Group.

This year we had 40 volunteers focusing on pulling Diffuse Knapweed. A new partnership with the BLM repaired the trail to Koala Rock and the other dispersed trails in the area were rehabilitated and blocked off.

Dry stacked rock retaining walls were constructed using basalt rock at a couple of popular climbing areas to prevent erosion. 34 truck loads of rock were hauled prior to the event. The Smith Rock Group volunteered many evenings after work for the rock moving project. Every rock had to be picked up 6-10 times to load into a truck, then an ATV trailer, the power wheel barrow and then carried a short distance to the rock wall sites.

In the evening the Smith Rock Group held the volunteer appreciation dinner, slide show and auction which raised nearly $3,000. The proceeds are used to pay for supplies and materials for the volunteer work projects.

Thank you to all of the volunteers that made the Spring Thing a huge success this year!




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Warning!! ** Belayer drops climber off the end of the top rope
Smith Rock - Fall on rock, protection pulled out
Smith Rock - WARNING - belayer drops climber off the end of the top rope
Smith Rock - inadequate top rope belay
Smith Rock - climber injured on the approach
Smith Rock - WARNING - belayer drops climber off the end of the top rope
Smith Rock - belay error - novice sport climber injured
Smith Rock - fall on rock, protection pulled out
Smith Rock - fall on rock - poor position, inadequate protection
Smith Rock - pulled rock off - fall on rock, failure to test holds, exceeding abilities
Smith Rock - belay error - fatal fall on rock

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