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Outing:            Basic to advanced rappelling, technical seminar and practice
When:            Saturday, April 30, 2011, from 9 am to about noon 
Place:             On the crags overlooking the Deschutes River at Meadow Picnic Area just west of Bend Oregon
Cost:              FREE - but you must reserve a place. No drop-ins please
Instructor:       Robert Speik
Reservations:  Call Robert Speik at 541-385-0445 or email 

Learn and discuss skills and gear for belay protected rappelling of steep snow, rock and ice slopes and faces on major peaks including Shasta, Adams, Jefferson, North Sister and more. Traditional and current instruction on this subject by The Mazamas, The Mountaineers, and the Angeles Chapter Sierra Club, for thousands of students over 30 years, begins with hands on instruction and practice like this outdoor Seminar

“Serene” anchors for rappels - minimum gear and set-up
Belays, instant and backed up - learn and practice fast set-up and rope handling
Rope setup and knots for rappelling
Harness set up recommended by Petzl
Rappel self belay including traditional and the new FB sling friction knot
Rappelling from various types of entry
Climbing the (rappel) rope - minimum gear and set-up
Dulphersitz rappel
Use of ATC, B-52, Reverso, Pirana, older figure 8, etc. and -prussic self belay, Shunt self belay, FB self belay and Jumars, Ascension and Croll, prussics and other gear used to climb the rope.

Group dynamics -
The class includes time for planning adventures together. We will be working together with the actual gear recommended in the class. All rappels must have a separate belay.

Required gear -
- your light harness with rappel and prussic gear, light weight locking biners, etc.
- 6mm prussic loops, sewn nylon runners, tubular nylon runner, -your own rope**
- your climbing helmet is required. I have two loaners for the morning
** This is intended to be a basic to advanced hands-on class. If you do not own the items marked with a **, you can use our gear. We suggest that you not buy gear before you attend this class.

Technical References:
Mountaineering, the Freedom of the Hills, 8th Edition, The Mountaineers, Seattle Washington
Self-Rescue by David J. Fasulo, 1996, Chockstone Press, Evergreen, Colorado

This basic to advanced training can be completed in this interesting day.
This is a free outdoor, hands-on, interactive skills class lead by Robert Speik.

Reservations are required! We are limiting this class to 10 participants!
In fairness to all, you will need to commit by March 14, 2011.

There is no charge or obligation for this training. We are simply mentoring fellow climbers.

For more information and to join this free outdoor Seminar: email or call Robert Speik at 541-385-0445.
Copyright© 2011 by Robert Speik, All Rights Reserved.



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