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Geocaching in Central Oregon: The Trail to Flat Iron
The Badlands east of Bend, Oregon

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On the trail to Flat Iron

Volcanic feature in The Badlands

Broken Top and the Three Sisters from The Flat Iron

Baron Max von Munchausen on a seven mile hike in The Badlands
Copyright © 2003 by Robert Speik. 
All Rights Reserved.


My Geocaching Log for 03-29-03:

"Found this fine cache with pals Cougarmeat, Calliopal and Little Max.

We all enjoyed the stroll across new open Badlands, seeing lots of coyote, deer, rabbit, horse and cow tracks and following some excellent geo-tracks from point to point. The tags were great: not to hard to find, big numbers stamped in copper and just enough brain work required to make sure you had your wits somewhere about you.

I have visited the Flat Iron many times over the years but under an assumed name. I had been looking for the famous Flat Iron for all those years and here I had been climbing all over it.

Big Eddie's comment about a car shuttle was good, except that he never did say where to park the second car. We are not going to say either, nor note just exactly which caches are nearby. If you figure it out and want to try them all, better add about four more hours to your six.

The actual ground distance track we covered was seven miles, 2134 feet. With four checkpoints to find and frequent stops to take on and drop off water, it took us six hours.

But we had an ace in the hole: a cell phone and a support group! Mrs. Max was in reserve and we cut a carefully calculated 1.04 miles off the total round trip by calling in our support shuttle. Thanks Mrs. Max and thanks for the idea, Big Eddie.

Little Max finally wore down a little and stopped exploring and fell in line when he figured out this hike was serious. We took a packet of nice obsidian arrow heads and left a bouquet of spring flowers. TFTH logscaler and Red!
--Baron Max, Mrs. Max and Little Max"




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