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Geocaching the summit of Belknap Crater in the Mt. Washington Wilderness

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Just north of McKenzie Pass Highway (242) on the PCT.

This lava flow extends for miles north of McKenzie Pass under the PCT

North Sister and Middle Sister, just south of McKenzie Pass

Photo op in front of Mt. Washington, north on the PCT

Belknap Crater from the east on the PCT - climb from the north on the right, descend 700' on the sand trails in the center

Mt. Washington. The standard approach is from the north.

This man was happy using the typical heavy gear from the 1970s

Belknap Crater cross-country on better footing, from the north

Little Belknap Crater, just off the PCT

These pleasant folks summitted just before us.

Mt. Washington showing its bulk and prominent spire

Looking south from the summit toward the sand trails down 700'

Belknap Crater on the west side of Belknap Crater

Can you see our rig at the center of the photo?

North and Middle Sister

Loosing elevation fast!

Another healthy day hiker on the PCT

The lonely struggle continues spanning perhaps 400 years of life and death

Seemingly impossible life!

A Pacific Crest Outward Bound group hard on our heels across the remaining miles of lava.
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