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Volunteers maintain lower part of the climbers' trail to the summit of South Sister (10,358')

TraditionalMountaineering friends-
Here's a few of the photos from Jason Queen's Eagle Scout project this past weekend. The project was very well done through the hard work and sweat of Jason's boy scout troop and was well received with several positive comments from hikers. This trail reroute was done to provide hikers a better alternative to the more difficult and badly eroded section of the climbers trail above Moraine Lake. The new trail will allow us better success in restoring to its natural state the old eroded route which we have closed for restoration; though this process will take many years of healing.

We are also looking at a number of options for the also very eroded hiker route from Moraine Lake through the upper canyon, which at this time is a deeply eroded scree slope with a difficult cliff scramble at the top. Several hiker injuries have occurred on this cliff scramble over the years. In addition, the erosion continues to accelerate and looks like a large scar on the landscape. We encourage hikers coming up from Moraine Lake to take the trail on the south ridge of the Lake to access the Climbers Trail and avoid the canyon trail altogether. This route is overall more scenic, easier with minimal hazards and reduces erosion on the canyon route.
--Chris Sabo, Trails Specialist

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Photos courtesy of the Bend-Ft. Rock District, USFS

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