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Who is Dan Osman?

Folks should know about some of the early giants of the traditional sport of Alpine Mountaineering. Here is a rare opportunity to see a rock master in action!


Chris McNamara of SuperTopo provided this link to a rare video of Dan Osman climbing free solo, Bear's Reach at Lover's Leap:


Here is some comment from the SuperTopo website:
Oct 31, 2005, 10:41am PST
From: Livermore I just happened to be at the leap the day that video was shot. I was climbing the line at the time. It was shot off season, early April, as I recall and there was only 2-3 parties present (including me and my wife). I was pretty new to climbing at the time. We said hi on our way back to our packs after the climb. I knew of Dano and I kinda guessed it was him but I didn't really understand how lucky I was until later. In any case, they did several takes with Dano climbing up and down the route like he was strolling on sidewalk. He was the smoothest climber I have ever seen. It looked effortless.

Oct 30, 2005, 09:08am PST
From: I wonder if Eric Perlman knows about this? He's probably pissed if he does... Oh well. Dano was one hell of a nice guy, it still saddens me that he died. 11/23/98 still seems like yesterday.

My buddy Jim Belcer came back from the cybercafe in J Tree and told me he heard that Dano was dead, and I knew right away that one of my roommates was most likely there with him. I figured MC, Jimbo, Frank or Miles were there.

I raced around the Monument to get phone reception to find out more until I spoke with Gambler and Miles and confirmed the awful truth... A sad Thanksgiving followed.

Climbing was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of Dano's incredible talents, both on and off the rock. Any visitor to Cave Rock will marvel at his handiwork (masonry, not just routes).

RIP Dano
RIP Frank
--seamus mcshane


Dan Osman died from a gear failure at the end of a spectacular leap he had done many times before.

Here is a video of Dan's last jump, if you would like to see more about Dan Osman: 'Dan's last jump':
Google 'Dan Osman' and learn more!




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