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Seminar Prospectus
Bob’s Navigation Noodle in the Badlands
with ONDA

January Noodle with ONDA

Outing:                     Bob’s ONDA Navigation Noodle in the Badlands, 14 miles from Bend
Dates and Times:     Saturday, April 26, 2003, from 9AM to about 3PM
Meeting Place:         NEC of the theater parking lot at the SEC of Hwy 20 and 27 Street
Leader:                   Robert Speik

We will use the basic skills needed to go off trail in the wilderness. This is a field experience for those who have studied the map, compass and optional GPS skills of the backcountry navigator. It is a good beginning experience for those who don't realize they don't know the first thing about modern land navigation.

We will meet in the NEC of the theater parking lot at the SEC of Highway 20 and 27th Street at 9:00 AM. We will be at the cars for up to 30 minutes going over the basics and making mutual observations about how well we are equipped for this spring adventure. We plan to car pool together. 

We will use the USGS Horse Ridge Quad map. This map is a must for this and any further explorations of this desert Wilderness. If you don’t have one, you really need to buy your own for $6.00 from Bend Map and Blueprint. Bring your compass and optional GPS of course!

We will learn about the practical use of map, compass and GPS in this Navigation Noodle in the Badlands. This will entail walking as a group, working in pairs or threes to solve practical navigation problems presented by the unique terrain of the Badlands area. We may walk as much as six miles over the course of the day over desert sand and disappearing jeep trails.

You will need lug soled hiking shoes or very light boots, two quarts of water and light high-carbo lunch. Dress for the forecast weather and carry a current weather sized day pack with extra fleece or possibly a light “belay jacket”, a very breathable water resistant or water proof Gore-Tex jacket and other Ten Essentials. Poles are not an advantage as we are not gaining any elevation.

For more information on the basic responsibilities of the wilderness traveler, the ten essentials and backcountry navigation go to

The outing has been limited to only 10 folks who have reserved in advance. The BLM would prefer no dogs on group hikes, or that they at minimum be on a leash. Emails or phone calls to Tommie Speik, 541-385-0445 to reserve or if you have questions. We always have a waiting list for this popular Noodle. “Be there or be square!” 

On Belay! --Bob Speik


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