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Bend's southern crossing bridge

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Sunday, October 19, 2003, 11AM at the Southern River Crossing, The Log Jam Celebration!
The Log Jam, a celebration of the opening of our new bridge across the Deschutes, will kick off with a 12K run and walk across all 15 of Bend's bridges, the ceremony and The Timber Festival. Yes, we have all been asking to see a pro log chopping and log rolling contest in Bend!  Blue Grass music, food and beverage booths are included. High profile athletes and big name sponsors will add to the fun.




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Central Oregon's High Desert Museum in Bend  
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Bend Log Jam celebrates the opening of the Deschutes southern crossing bridge   sound icon
Bend's southern crossing bridge
The Beach Boys concert in Bend Oregon, Summer 2003   sound icon
Cascade Music Festival in Drake Park, Bend Oregon  
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Misty River Band plays a free concert next to the Deschutes River 
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Riverfest boat-demo in Bend Oregon 
Earth Day in Bend, Oregon  sound icon
Sustainable living expo in Bend   
Fall festival in Bend  
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Joan Baez concert at the Athletic Club of Bend