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Outdoor Retailer's 2002 Summer Market in Salt Lake City
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I accepted the opportunity provided by a major traditional mountaineering product manufacturer to visit Outdoor Retailer's 2002 Summer Market in Salt Lake City.  I took the opportunity to drive through Idaho and Utah and found a spot in the KOA just a couple of miles from the downtown trade show.  The throngs of outdoor folks, the vast array of products both great and bogus and the big parties after each day of the show about wore me out.

I was disappointed that cameras were not allowed, however I can share with you my visit to Temple Square, 35 acres in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City, cattycorner from the trade show.  The complex includes the historic Mormon Tabernacle building (I watched the famous choir rehearse), the Salt Lake Temple, the old Assembly Hall and the new Conference Center with its 21,000 seat auditorium.  Tours of Temple Square are offered every 10 minutes in many languages and a highlight of my visit was the chance meeting with a tour guide, Sister Lowe, a member of the famous Lowe family of mountaineers.  I hope you enjoy these photos. --Webmeister Speik