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Fee Demo program discussed on Oregon Public Broadcasting!

For Immediate Release

Oregon Field Guide: Pay to Play airs February 6, 2003

Contact: Laurie Kelley, Vice President of Marketing
503-293-1969  Email:

Oregon Field Guide: “Pay to Play: User Fees on Public Land”

First Air: Thursday, February 6 at 8:30pm Repeat: Sunday, February 9th at 6:30pm

Of special note: Live On-line Forum to follow Thursday, February 6 broadcast @ featuring experts on this issue.

Oregon Field Guide: “Pay to Play: User Fees on Public Land” Oregon Field Guide examines one of the most controversial public land issues in the Northwest.

Public lands have always been a place for citizens to roam free and unfettered, a place for everyone to hike, bike, swim or relax. That’s all changed. In recent years Congress ordered the Forest Service, Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management to start charging user fees. Today bikers, hikers and anyone who spends time in the outdoors must pay to enter much of Oregon’s public land.

User fees like the Northwest Forest Pass end a tradition of free access, but they also give land managers the funds to pay for trail maintenance and law enforcement.

Critics say the program, known as Fee-Demo, opens the door to commercialization of publicly owned lands and is a hijacking of the public trust.

Are the fees necessary? Or will public lands become playgrounds for the wealthy? Oregon Field Guide explores the issue from all sides. “Pay to Play: User Fees on Public Land” will air February 6th at 8:30pm. It repeats on Sunday February 9th at 6:30pm.

Oregon Field Guide: “Pay to Play: User Fees on Public Land”


After the show, Oregon Field Guide and will host experts from the Forest Service, Park Service, BLM and opposition groups for a special LIVE ONLINE event, Thursday February 6 from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. Weigh in with your opinion online at Want to know where the Forest Service spends your money? Think it’s only fair that users pay their share? Join in and post a question, a comment, or tell us what you think about the fees.

Whether you support fees or want them abolished, this is your chance to let your opinion be known.

Experts joining OFG for Online event:

Tom Mottl: BLM Outdoor Recreation Specialist. Manages the river permit program for the Deschutes River near Maupin. (featured on the program) Web: (online source for boater fee information) Or (homepage of the BLM, Prineville District where the permitted section of Deschutes river is located)

Mark Christiansen: Recreation Program Manager for the Deschutes National Forest. Responsible for the Northwest Forest Pass program on the Deschutes National Forest.
Web: (home page of the Deschutes National Forest with information on fees, permits and passes)

Scott Silver: Director of Wild Wilderness, a Bend-based group opposed to
the commercialization and privatization of public lands. Opposes Fee Demo
and other user-fees, wants public lands to remain fully tax-funded. Web:

Barb Maynes: Representing Olympic National Park (featured in program) Web: (home page for Olympic National Park with description of necessary fees and permits)

Ed Jahn- Producer, Oregon Field Guide. Web: (home page
for Oregon Public Broadcasting). Oregon Field Guide
web site


Scott Silver



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