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Mountain Link's Robert Link throws a party in Bend Oregon

Digital Image Copyright© 2005 by Robert Speik. All Rights Reserved.


Thursday, November 10, 2005, at 6PM, Mountain Link Premier Party at The Grove in downtown Bend, OR
Mountain Link is throwing a party for Adventure Enthusiasts in Bend, OR. In addition to dining and go-go dancing, Mountain Link will be showing their latest documentary film, "Dhaulagiri: An Expedition Less Ordinary". (Food is free, drinks are no-host.)

The term "seasoned mountain guide" often conjures up an image of a tough and temperamental veteran of altitude who has seen it all and lived to tell about it. But anyone who has ever been a client of Robert Link knows that there exists another kind of guide who, besides an unyielding concern for safety, is generous with encouragement and whose interests go much further than simply how many clients have reached the summit this year or that. Soft-spoken and genuine to a fault, Robert is known for his dedication to helping clients achieve their goals. Central to his philosophy is the idea that a guide can be much more than just a guide; he or she can also be a teacher and a friend.

Robert began his climbing career at age seven when he climbed Mount Adams with his father. Since that time he has summited Mount Rainier over 290 times and climbed extensively throughout the world, leading numerous successful expeditions in Nepal, Tibet, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Antarctica, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Italy and Alaska, to name a few. His climbing resume lists dozens of successful ascents on such high-altitude giants as North America's McKinley and Orizaba, South America's Aconcagua, Chimborazo, Illimani and Cotopaxi, and the Himalaya's Kanchenjunga, Cho Oyu and Everest.

In 1989, he was part of the first American team ascent of the North Face of Kanchenjunga. He summited the North Col Route on Everest in 1990 with climbers from China and Russia as part of the International Peace Climb. He lacks just one peak (Carstensz Pyramid or Kosciuszko, depending on who you ask) to achieve success reaching the highest summits on each of the seven continents.

Robert is known for his skills as a professional guide, combining a knack for teaching mountaineering techniques with a thorough, logical approach to safe guiding. People who have been on trips with him have remarked on his calmness under pressure, his love for cultural history, his ability to forge group solidarity and his genuine enthusiasm for seeing his clients realize their goals. Robert likes nothing better than to put his experience and knowledge at the service of those who share his passion for the mountains.

Robert and his wife Cari live in Bend, Oregon, with their son, Dalton.

Robert is a Certified Alpine Guide by the American Mountain Guides Association.


I am pleased to announce that Mountain Link has moved north to Bend, Oregon. This Central Oregon community is rich with local outdoor activities such as rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, mountain biking and river sports. I look forward to having our business closer to the mountains, open spaces and the lifestyle that fits our passion for adventure. Being closer to the mountains will afford us the opportunity to build more domestic instructional programs in the nearby Cascades.

Mountain Link recently broadened its horizons internationally by offering trips to Mount Vinson in Antarctica and Mount Elbrus in Russia. The trips were blessed with great success. It has always been our goal to take on the challenge of exploring new adventures with first class service. We continue to work hard to stay on the leading edge of adventure travel.

While Mountain Link continues to grow and change, our philosophy and priorities remain the same: quality instruction in the latest mountaineering techniques and remembering to enjoy the process of mountaineering. Our guides are not only world-class climbers, but also exceptional teachers. Their true talents lie in their ability to mentor others, giving our customers great memories and climbing experiences that will serve them on future adventures.

I invite you to join us on one of our upcoming trips. The first step is always the most difficult, then it is just one after the other, and before you know it you are living the dream.

Come, tie into adventure!
-Robert Link

Climbing Resume
275 summits of Mount Rainier (14,410’)
16 expeditions on Mount McKinley (20,320’)
1 expedition on Mount Hunter (14,235’)
4 expeditions to Everest (29,035’)
Kachenjunga (28,208’)
Cho Oyu (27,766’). Lead guide for successful expedition via the Tibet side.
Dhaulagiri (26,795’). Group reached 25,300'
4 successful guided climbs of Kilimanjaro, Africa
12 expeditions on Aconcagua, Argentina (23,083’)
13 climbs of Cotopaxi (19,348’)
12 climbs of Chimborazo (20,701’)
Guided 6 climbs of Popcateptl, Mexico (17,800’).
Guided 18 climbs of Pico de Orizaba, Mexico (18,700”)
Guided 8 climbs of Ixtaccihuatl, Mexico (17,342’)
Guided 5 climbs of Illimani, Bolivia (21,003’)
Guided 5 climbs of Huayna Potosi, Bolivia (19,975’)
Westface of Jahntugan, Russia (14,728): First American ascent with Ed Viesturs.
Guided 2 climbs of Mt. Elbrus, Russia (18,501’)
Italian side of the Matterhorn

Copyright© 2005 to 2007 by Mountain Link, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Webmeister's Note: On September 3rd, Robert Link made the summit of Mount Rainier for the 300th time! He is one of seven climbers in the world to do so. Robert was 12 years old when he first topped out on the 14,410 foot volcano in Washington State. Decades and 299 summits later, Robert is still going strong as one of Mount Rainier's most highly respected mountain guides. Congratulations Robert.
--Robert Speik




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