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Senators Wyden and Smith at Town Hall Meeting!
Show your support for The Badlands Wilderness designation

**********news release, please forward********

Speak out for the Badlands at Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Gordon Smith's Deschutes County Town Hall Meeting

Monday, February 17, 2003, 12:30 to 1:45 pm, Mountain View High School, 2755 NE 27th Street, Bend Oregon

For more information, please call:
Senator Smith's office at 318-1298, or Senator Wyden's office at 330-9142

Since this is a general meeting and not everyone will get a chance to speak, it's important that the Senator's know you are there in support of the Badlands. Signs, posters, buttons, stickers or t-shirts are a good way to make a visual impact. You can either make your own, or contact the ONDA office for help (330-2638).

If you do get a chance to speak, here are a few talking points:

* Wyden and Smith should introduce a wilderness bill for the Badlands into congress the beginning of this session

* Unlimited vehicle access has led to defacement of pictographs, trash dumping, illegal tree cutting and vandalism

* Proximity to Bend and Redmond and the need to preserve open spaces

* The economic benefit of wilderness to Central Oregon

* Broad-based support and consensus on the issue Bend City Council unanimously endorsed the proposal In a recent poll, 54% of Central Oregon residents favored Badlands wilderness, and only 35% were against it.  Over 100 local businesses support the proposal

* This is a legacy we want to leave for future generations of Oregonians

More info can be found at

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