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We need the Badlands Wilderness!

"Those who favor passive recreation and those favoring OHV recreation both agree, that the two activities are incompatible."

Op-Ed to The Bulletin
by Gordon Baker
August, 2003


Every human being needs spiritual renewal for their psychological well being. Only three things do this - religion, the arts, and nature. Many trails exist in the Cascades and along the rivers in Central Oregon providing opportunity to appreciate and interact with nature. We also need the same opportunities in the High Desert.

Within a short distance from Bend, Redmond and Prineville lies the 37,000 acres of the Badlands. This area provides year round access to an ancient Juniper forest, meadows with desert vegetation, interesting geological landscaping, associated wildlife and vestiges of Native American activities. To enjoy a meaningful interaction with nature in the Badlands requires a passive environment. Providing a passive environment requires a wilderness designation. This has significant local support.

I realize that a wilderness designation would disallow motorized activities. Those who favor passive recreation and those favoring OHV recreation both agree, that the two activities are incompatible. It is my understanding that the vast majority of OHV activists prefer the superior opportunities that the 643 miles of OHV trail system available in the 199,464 acres of the East Fort Rock and Millican Valley areas. If so, few would miss the Badlands OHV opportunities and many would enjoy the passive opportunities.

We now need the support of our two senators and our congressman to obtain the needed wilderness designation.
Gordon Baker lives in Bend

The Bulletin
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